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    Workspace Studio loses devices and credentials


      We have Engineer's Toolset V10 and I have a problem with the Workspace Studio losing configuration.  Whenever we need to close the app or reboot the server, the WS comes back up with default devices and no credentials.  I have to re-add all of our devices and associate them with the proper credential sets.  The devices and credentials are still accessible via the other tools, so it's not losing all setup info, just in the Workspace Studio.  Do I have to export devices to a file to get it to remember them, or is there a save button I haven't found yet?

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          The Workspace Studio saves devices and credentials when it closes. It saves these separately for any account that runs it. If you are seeing the same account starting the Workspace Studio with only the default devices and credentials check to make sure that your configuration information is not getting overwritten or deleted by another process. The configuration information is saved to:

          <Profile Location>\Local Settings\Application Data\SolarWinds\Dashboard\AutoDeviceManager.xml

          <Profile Location>\Local Settings\Application Data\SolarWinds\Dashboard\CredentialPool.xml

          There are several other xml files in the same location that store information about gadget and tab placement, MRUs, experimental plugins, docking information, general settings, etc.

          If everything looks correct there you might want to watch the task manager list of processes while Workspace Studio is shutting down to make sure that the WorkspaceStudio.exe process clears away and is not getting hung.