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    Report Writer - Graphs


      This blog post:
      Hey Chart, get in my Report! (Part 2)

      was great for pairing up reports from Report Writer with existing graphs.


      What would really make my day would be the ability to get graphs of data generated from Report Writer.


      I'd like to setup a view that has a handful of widgets that senior management would like to see.  Some of these things would include reports from Report Writer.  Being able to add reports in and display them as a graph would be really great - and it doesn't appear I can do that today.




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          Andy McBride

          You can add reports to the web - is that what you are asking to do?

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              I suspect rothabe is looking for the following:


              To create a REPORT using report writer that is a graph.  

              Not using report schedule to email a graph that already exists.


              For example, I have created a report that lists the top 30 multicast pps interfaces in my network.  Now can I make that a PIE CHART? (Instead of 30 text lines on a page).

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              Currently Report Writer is not designed to create graphs.  You can create views/dashboards that include both reports and graphs, you can then use the report scheduler to send those dashboards via email to your management team.

              Will this accomplish what you are looking for?

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                  Currently we have a concern of multicast traffic usage on the network (at times), and a want to graph/trend the multicast traffic of numerous devices/interfaces.  

                  Unfortunately we can't get a top XX graph for multicast traffic graphed/trended.

                  From what I found it has to be on an interface by interface basis, and when looking at hundreds of ports not very feasible.