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    Report based on NTA IP Addres Group


      I am currently trying to set up a report based on IP Address group in NTA that can be automatically generated on a monthly basis. The purpose for this is to track bandwidth utilization by certain subnets for accounting reasons. I also need it to show the endpoints of the conversations, if there is a way to filter certain endpoints out of the criteria that would be even more great. Anyone out there know what direction to potentially push me in to find a solution for this? I have been crawling all over the forums and have not been able to find any past discussions that mirror this requirement. 

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          I have been trying to achieve the same for the past two months. I Have gone to the extent of upgrading NPM & NTA. If the product could allow creating IP groups with the same application groups or ports. This would have made a huge difference. Do update you post incase u have managed to get some inputs.