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    IP address range support


      Not all of us use subnet masks for IP address management. The mask(range) I'm asking about is not a classfull nor CIDR mask. We are using IP address ranges for some subnets like Management VLAN. The problem is I can not create IP address ranges in the IPAM. IPAM doesn't support IP address ranges. Am I wrong? I can only add Group, Supernet and Subnet.


      Example Structure:

      Campus        (                                        <----- Group/Supernet/Subnet

      ---Building 1     (                                        <----- IP Range

      ------Building 1----Block 1   (                                        <----- IP Range

      ------Building 1----Block 2   (                                        <----- IP Range

       ---Building 2     (                                        <----- IP Range

      ---Building 3     (                                        <----- IP Range

      ---Building 4     (                                        <----- IP Range


      How can I do that in IPAM? Please support IP address ranges.