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    Different views support for the same device type with different modules


      Currently the only way we can create different views for devices is if the devices show up differently under the "Views by Device Type" setting under the Settings of the NPM web console. If those devices are listed the same as the Object Type then there is no way to do this since we have to assign a view to the device by Object Type.

       If the devices show up differently under the Object Type then we can create a new view and assign the view to the device through the "Views by Device Type" option.

      So it is dependent with the "Object Type"!

      But let's say, we have two Juniper SRX210. One of them has the ADSL module the other one has the 3G module. I should see them as different views. It doesn't matter they have the same device type. They are completely different device for us now! And we don't want to see the same node view for "different" device types. For example, the device picture is different, connection type is different, procedure is different, node action is different etc. But the view is the same!

      There must be a way to distinguish them for the views.

      Custom field is become handy for this kind of situations I think. For example, I created a custom field called "Module Type" and "Backup Connection Type".


      Juniper SRX210 with ADSL.                                                                   Module Type: ADSL         Backup Connection: None

      Juniper SRX210 with 3G Express Card - ME as backup                         Module Type: 3G              Backup Connection: MetroEthernet

      Juniper SRX210 with ADSL - Ethernet as a backup                               Module Type: ADSL          Backup Connection: Ethernet


      All of them has to have different views. It can be done if we can assign views not just for the object types but custom fields as well.

      For that way we don't have the wait the MIB update for the new or unknown devices.

      I am not sure if this feature is requested before. I not sure because they don't have a feature voting system. It is the only way we can track the feature requests. And that's another request.