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    VMWare and Netflow packets - Interface issue




      Configuration used:

      - I am using a Host machine whose OS is Win XP and I installed a Virtual Machine VMware supporting Win server 2003 R2.

      - Orion NPM and NTA are installed on the VM machine.

      - My VM machine has been automatically configured in Bridged mode (other choices are NAT mode and Host-only mode).

      - On Win XP host machine, network connections are: VMNet1, VMNet 8 and LAN. (VMnet0 is not displayed because this is a level 2 connection (and not level 3). But it does exist and corresponds to Bridged mode).

      - On VM guest machine, Orion detects 3 interfaces, VMnet1, VMNet8 and TCP localhost.



      I am using a Netflow generator to send Netflow packets containing data related to UDP flows mainly. They are collected and displayed within Orion NTA, but:

      - They are displayed in charts linked to interface VMNet 8 (VMNet8 is the virtual interface used for NAT mode nominally).

      - Sometimes randomly, I can see these data displayed in charts linked to VMNet1 (interface used for host-only mode).

      - Some other times, I can see data being displayed in charts of both  virtual interfaces at the same time (i.e. VMNet1 and 8)!


      My question:

      Why Netflow packets sent in Bridged mode are displayed in Orion for VMNet8 interface (VMNet1 sometimes)?

      Is there an explanation?