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    VMware API integration to pull resource pools and integrate with Groups in Orion NPM


      The Virtualization Tab provides a great deal of information . . .  but there is one thing lacking.  It would be ideal if we could pull resource pools out of the hosts and/or vCenter into the Orion Database.  Then map the Resource Pools to Groups in Orion.

      We are using Groups to give users insight into their physicals and virtuals in Orion . . . in vCenter we group our VMs by using Resource Pools.  If I could create one-to-one map of a Resource Pool to a Group in Orion, I could cut down on a large number of query rules that I have to create whenever I create a new Group and ensure that the VMs can be groups properly in Orion especially when the name is not something that is being looked at by a Group query.

      Even if I could map the Resource Pool to a custom property I could then maybe map the group to the custom property?

      Anyone figure out how to do this already or is this a feature request?