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    Hyper-V support to Run the Applicance?

    Jason Hall

      Just Purchased LEM,


      Were hoping that Hyper-V is supported to run the appliance, as we dont want to have mixed virtual enviroments.




      Jason Hall

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          nicole pauls

          Hi Jason,

          While our virtual appliance is an OVA that is (theoretically) deployable to other virtual infrastructures, we only officially support vSphere 4+ environments. We are researching deployment on HyperV, which we'd love to support.

          If you're willing to work with our team, we can take a closer look at your environment, leveraging your experience with HyperV to determine how feasible this is in the short term.


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            We are in the same situation as the OP.  And searching the Thwack forums for HyperV has this thread as the most significant result.

            How is support for LEM on Hyper-V coming along?  Even if unofficial, what resources are available?

            - Mark

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                nicole pauls

                You can get the link for an unofficial Hyper-V LEM download from SE or Support, who will clarify the expectations for you.

                Officially, this is something we are working on, and are getting closer to releasing. We're getting close to RC and will send out a call for participation pretty soon. If you can't wait, say, a few weeks to a month for an RC and are willing to accept the unofficial-ness of the build, you'll want to go ahead and deploy the unofficial build.

                I'll update this thread when the official Hyper-V build is in RC (and again when officially released) so customers can download that directly instead.