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    How to group sites by IP subnet


      Hi Have I missed something obvious? I can't find anyway to create a group based on an IP subnet, we have 100's of stores with the IP's:-

      Some of the IP's outside that range are used by the core store network so I need to be able to create a dynamic group that will include the stores but not the central kit.

      Can I create a group using a dynamic query that will include these IP ranges alone?

      I only see begins with, is, is not, end with, contains, matches. I need to only include the thigns in the above subnets?



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          Looks like you are right.There is no option to give a IP range or more customizable option.I can help you with a work around and will add this to enhancement list.

          How many IPs in number(approx) are in the core store network?If its handful then you should be able to give them as "is not" to accomplish them.If it is going to a bunch of them,I could suggest another way but it could take off more time.

          Just a hint:Using Custom properties Editor tool.You can add a field separately wherein you could import the data for the nodes list differentiating the IPs in the core network and ones not belonging to core network.By doing so,the new field option would be available in the drop down,to filter accordingly.

          Having said all this I will still go ahead and add this to the enhancement list.Thank you for bringing this up.

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              it would be awesome to have it like cisco's wild bits.  I have security camera's and they all fall within a specific range in the subnet.

              As an example, 192.168.<LOC>.X, where location could be 32-63 (perfect world here) and if x 22 or 23, it is a camera.  for a Cisco Access list I would use and I would get all of them.

              Or even better, if you made it a regular expression! Mine could be (192\.168\.[32-63]\.[21,22]) and his could be (10\.[8-16]\.0\.0)

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                (I might have already posted this, just it's not updating in my browser, if so, sorry)

                You should also consider using cisco wildbits, or even better, regular expressions!  This could get him what he wants and open it up for even more customization.

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                    Hi Netlogix,

                    Not sure you could satisfy his use case with Regex.

                    So let me make sure I understand the base request: you'd like to build a dynamic group query, which would automatically put in the group, the IP's from to , based on your example

                    Did I get that right?

                    To help you if you can't do the math in your head, like me...

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                        REGEX for to


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                            Oh, for -, which might be what the original request was for, would be:

                            "(10\.([8-9]|[1-3][0-9])\..*)" but you can not do that with a single subnet mask.

                            If you want any other examples, I would be happy to provide them to show how regex would be better because you can do almost anything with it.

                            if you want to check me, use http://www.regular-expressions.info/javascriptexample.html

                            Oh, also, if you invested the time in regex instead of ip range or subnet, then you could re-use it for any strings, Caption, Custom strings, vendors, etc.

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                                Thanks for the replies - sry for my slow response I was away for the weekend.

                                Yes this is the sort of thing I'm after, the IP's I want covered by the groups are actually:-

                       = central infrastructure

                       - = stores

                                It doesn't really matter if there is an overlap over or before these ranges as that is unused space anyway.

                                So I would want two groups I guess then depending on IP address when it's autodiscovered it would automatically go into the right group.

                                I hope I've done that right - it's a bit early!

                                To be honest the subnets I need seem to be a bit irrelevant at this stage as from your replies it doesn't sound like it can be done, if it gets added as a feature I can have a play with it until I find the best match.

                                I think I need to do some research into regex, looks handy!