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    Custom Monitor Name Template


      Is this possible? There is nothing about in the documentation.


      Would be nice to have it like that:


      Example: "Diskspace: SERVER - C$"

      Manual editing would take way too long.



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          @phr - Are you trying to change the name for many monitors or append to the existing name?  If so you can you go to the Configuration tab, click "Add/Edit a Device or Monitor", check the box next to all the monitors you want to rename/append/prepend, click Edit (at the top bar), select "Monitor Properties" (in the dropdown menu), find "Replace Using Change Rules:" at the bottom, click "Click Here to Select a Property", select Display Name (or property to change), make a choice in the "Replace Display Name by" dropdown, fill in the "Replace with" text, then click Preview, Click "Next" and finish through.

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            Anothe method, though it will not get you exactly what your looking for, is to use Discover.

            1. In Devices click Discover

            2. Select the "Bypass scanning and view previously discovered devices" bullet

            3. Click "Next"

            4. Check all the items you want and choose "Add Only Selected Devices"


            4. Select "Add all scanned devices"

            5. Try out the different combinations (see below), under the dropbox's you will see results of how they will look. Then just finish out the process.

            Monitor Naming Convention
            Monitor Naming Convention Seperator

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                I think, phr ment a kind of 'real' template and the possibility to 'replace' SERVER with a 'list' of server - means to roll-out this monitor to all or some devices ...?

                Your method seems nice but can only be used woth already found/scanned/added monitors?!