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    Packet Loss strange Behavior



         I have windows server 2003 with orion NPM 9.5 and SQL Server 2005 

      We have strange behavior in packet loss related to some down nodes.

      when viewing the node details in system manager , it gives 100% packet loss

      but when viewing it in the web console , the gauge shows only 30% !!!!

      Taking into consideration that the node is really down and its record in database [Nodes Table] shows 30% packet loss !!


      any advise ??

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          Looks like something is not correct.Its hard to say what could be the problem.It could be a sync issue,so try restarting the Orion services and still doesn't fix then I would ask to open a support ticket to look in deeper.

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              I have already Restarted the Server Before , but with no result,

              The strange thing is that , we already have nodes down with 100% packet loss in the database .

              The question is why some of the down nodes act like described above " appears down , shows 100% packet loss in system manager , but shows 30% packet loss in Web and database"