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    Advanced Syslog and SNMP Trap Support


      Are there any plans to add multicast support for Syslog and SNMP traps?

      The idea is that all devices need to send this information (or portions of it) to more than just one system. I.e. one to Orion, one to security appliance "A", etc.

      Multicast makes this much more efficient, and is relatively simple to use/ code for.

      The other added benefit is that my second polling engine could receive a copy (for redundancy purposes), but there would need to be a dedup mechanism added (one or more pollers receiving the syslog/trap and sending it to the database).

      I'm currently using anycast to efficiently distribute the load between Orion boxes, but I need to send it to one or more third-party boxes.

      You could even add support for multiple multicast groups (one group for critical messages, one for security) and you could configure Orion to join the groups you wanted.