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    How to see Amps on APC switches instead of network stats


      Hi Guys,


      I am new here . I searched for answers i am looking for but was unable to find what i need thus decided to post.

      I would like to see Amps on APC equipment and be informed on when it peaks but right now i see only network information which is not relevant to us.


      i did not find how to change view to show Amps or any other information but network.

      We are using Orion NMP  V10.  My boss asked me to look why we can't monitor APC 7XXX switches.

      Here is the situation. in fact we can monitor using SNMP  APC 7841 device but it shows only network interfaces in this case we need to see current usage on the device in terms of Amps and not network.

      Under System OID , here is what we have System OID

      Machine type         masterSwitchrPDU

      Description APC Web/SNMP Management Card (MB:v3.9.2 PF:v3.7.3  PN:apc_hw02_aos_373.bin AF1:v3.7.3 AN1:apc_hw02_rpdu_373.bin  MN:AP7841 HR:B2 SN: 5A0932E09079 MD:08/07/2009)

      Hope guys you can help or perhaps point me to the right direction

      Thank you in advanced