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    Event Views


      We are currently upgrading our orion to 10.1, on the old orion when i look at the last 25 event views it looks like this:


      In the new one it looks like this:

      How do i do the following:

      1) Remove the interface alerts for those devices

      2) Make the colours such as the first image

      3) when you click customize page and you select the objects you want to view, can you download more "templates" 


      Thank you

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          Here are my suggestions.

          1.Open the Database manager,goto the "Alerts" database and look for the column "LogMessage".There you need to look for something like this "Interface....for node...has a transmitted utilization of ...which is greater than...." and "Interface....for node...has a transmitted utilization of ...which has dropped from above the...."

          Once you track them down,you may run an update query to stop these alerts."Update Alerts set enabled='false' where alertid=*"

          2.I don't think you could change colors because there is no such option available in the GUI.

          3.I don't think you could add more templates.If I am understanding this correctly in the customize page option,is there a way to add more options than the ones present by default.