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    Feature-request - resource to show Group Members in node details page


      I'm looking for some way show the other members of the group that a node belongs to in the Node Details page.


      I have 300 sites with 2 routers and a switch at each site.
      I have created 300 groups with each of these 3 devices in each group.

      If I'm looking at one of these nodes in the Node Details page, I also want to see the Group this node belongs to and/or the other members in this group. The node name is not the same as the group name, so there is no way to relate which group this node belongs to.

      I have tried adding a Custom Object Resource to the node details page and selecting the Group Members view, but this view only allows you to select a single group. This one same group shows up regardless of which node is selected. What is required is a group view which changes according to the node being displayed.

      Has anyone found/created a resource that can do this?