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    Transformation Custom Pollers



      As our devices are baseband we are collecting all PM data in files aggregated at 5 minute intervals as we cannot poll the devices directly.

      As a proof of concept i have successfully managed to set up a 'device type template' as a Custom Poller.

      A separate network planning process manages the network plan by adding nodes and assigning the a Custom Poller assignment according what type of device it is.

      I've managed to load raw values for certain polled attributes and have a pretty good idea on how to evaluate OIDs that are counters. All this is displayed correctly via the web interface.

      I'm just wondering where does Orion do its Transformations? Does it do it at the NPM Business layer?

      So far i've written a SQL Server assembly in C# to give SQL Server 2008  Regular Expression functionality and im going to extend this functionality so that it can evaluate the Formula field in the CustomPoller table where the PollerType is 'F' and load it into the custompollerstatistics_detail or interface detail...

      Has anyone loaded performance files before am i on the right track or can someone point me in a different direction?

      Any help is greatly appreciated. If we can get Orion to compute offline device PM datafiles this would surely make it a stronger product?