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    How to configure Orion Management Pack for SCOM to eliminate false alerts


      We are using SCOM 2007 R2 to monitor about 400 servers, all located in our single data center. I've installed the Orion MP so that we can monitor our core switch and our racktop switches (racktop switches are attached to our core switch). Our servers are mainly attached to our racktop switches.

      I'd like to eliminate the "Interface has gone down" alerts generated in SCOM when we remove/unplug servers from our switches.

      When configuring the SCOM MP, I enabled monitoring for all the interfaces on our core and racktop switches. My understanding is that we've configured Orion to only monitor the interfaces that have a server/device attached (and when devices are added or removed, Orion is updated to monitor or no longer monitor the port). If this is the case, can I set the "When object addition or deletion changes occur, should these changes be reflected in Systems Center Operations Manager?" (Orion Database Changes option) to "Yes"? (I don't really understand the impact of selecting "No" or "Yes".

      Do I need to run the "Orion Management Pack Configuration" wizard everytime a device is plugged into the core or racktop switches and keep track of the interfaces to monitor?


      Any suggestions or guidance will be greatly appreciated.