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    Where is the .ova file once purchased



      We just got started on the trial version and management was impressed enough to go ahead and make the purchase only a few days into the trial. Yeah for spending money!!!

      Now my portal has the download for the software but the trial came with a file called SolarWinds-LEM.ova this file is for the trial version so it has limited storage setup on in it and we need the full versionsince this is the linux server that this runs on and it is not included in the zip file for the product.

      Can someone please put the file in my portal or let me know where to download that from, thanks.

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          nicole pauls

          Awesome! Glad to hear you got everything you needed out of the evaluation.

          LEM isn't yet integrated into the SolarWinds portal the same way that other products are - this is something that we're working on. In the meantime, you should have received an e-mail that had:

          1. Your license file
          2. A link for the OVA download
          3. A link to the same software download you see in your SW Portal
          4. A link to the QuickStart Guide

          The subject of this e-mail was: "Log & Event Manager License Key for ..." (with your company/SWID).

          That should get you started.