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    IPAM Scheduled scan


      I would like to have control on the IPAM scan schedule.  Is there any way to tell IPAM when to start the scanning.  I've already change the scan frenquency to 24 hours instead of the default 4 hours but now I wish to start the scan when the network in not to busy.

      Is there any way to do this?

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          seconded.  I have many networks that I'm only looking at to make sure we didn't miss something, so I'll scan weekly.  I'd love to be able to tell it fire on sat or the like.

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              Good feedback. I've logged the request. 

              In the meantime, this information may be helpful for you until we can implement a more detailed scheduling option.

              Everytime you edit a subnet, the scan job is re-scheduled. The current job is removed and a new job is created. So if you want to have something scanned every evening, just edit the subnet at that time (for example: 10pm) and make sure the scan time is set for 24 hours. This should do what you need. Remember, every time you edit the subnet, this will get reset.

              I realize this is not ideal, but hopefully the work around is good enough for now.

              Is this important for anyone else?


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                  Yes - we have thousands of subnets that we will only want to scan once a week or so during a small window at night.  And we will break it up over multiple nights so as to balance the load.

                  I really don't want to have to come in at 2 AM several nights in a row to edit the subnets just because that is the only way to set a scan time.

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                    Thanks for your respond.  We will be looking forward to the scheduling option.  As others have mentionned, we also have just to many subnets to manage one by one.

                    It would also be a good feature if we had the option of selecting many subnets to set the scan interval.  For some subnets, I would like a weekly scan, for others, I would scan daily...

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                      What I'd like to see is the ability to scan only specific subnets without having to turn scanning on globally. With thousands of subnets, it's not practical to turn on scanning globally and then turn off scanning on each individual subnet.



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                        Ohh yes.  Being able to schedule a scan based on day/time/frequency etc is being asked about right now internally.  It would be ideal if this could be done for ICMP and neighbor scanning (SNMP).

                        Subnet a.b.c.d - scans M T W T F at 11pm via ICMP.
                        Subnet e.f.g.h - scans Every Day, once every 30 minutes, via SNMP.

                        Being able to select days of the week and specific times of the day to (not just every 30 minutes) would be very nice too.


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                          Any news on if and when this option might be available?  We also would like the ability to choose when and how often IPAM scans.

                          Thank You!

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                        Also, schedule peer scan to avoid overlap.