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    Passing Alerts To Another System


      We are running profiler v5.  I am working on having alerts that are generated by Profiler pass to another system we use for alert notifications.  We tried using the trap feature but the MIB we have won't load in HP NNMi.  I have a ticket in with Profiler support.  I see there is a way to run a server-side script.  Is there a way to pass parameters to that script?  By parameters I mean name of condition that failed and any other appropriate data?  Running a script, for us, would not be very helpful if we cannot pass dynamic data into the script.

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          We are looking into this issue.  If you have not started a ticket yet, please do.


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              We are in a similar situation where sending traps is not ideal.  We are using HP OpenView for messaging and have the ability to execute opcmsg.exe via a script on the STM server.  However if we're unable to pass dynamic information regarding the alert to the script, then the messages we pass to HP OpenView will not be very useful.

              I opened a case on this as well and was told this wasn't supported yet.  I'm going to post in the product feature requests forum as well, I just wanted to reply to this thread to show there was interest in this feature.