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    Reporting Question - Multiple Graphs


      Hi there...

      I seem to have great success getting feedback in these forums so there goes.

      There are several threads always asking "what can we do with the product to make it better?".  One of our original requests with the product never seems to make that list (been over 2 years now) so hence why I started this thread.

      In all of the other network monitoring packages we ever ran before Solarwinds, we could build a report with multiple graphs combined and them a cumulative graph at the end.

      For example (I'm talking about interfaces here specifically):

      Router 1 - Interface 9

      Router 6 - Interface 3

      Router 22 - Interface 19

      Combined graph showing cumulative inbound/outbound/95th for the three routers


      Previously I was told something about reports not being able to do create graphics and that it was upcoming?

      I can download an open source graphing engine such as RRDTool/MRTG and set this up in under 10 minutes - why can't something be done in Solarwinds to permit this functionality?

      Maybe I'm misunderstanding the compexity of bringing this feature into the system - sure would love to know if this feature is going to be implemented at any time soon...

      Thanks for listening,