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    APM 4.2 RC breaks orion


      Tried performing the upgrade to the RC and it failed with this when the configuration wizard ran:

      Database configuration failed:

      • Error while executing script- Column names in each table must be unique. Column name 'ErrorCode' in table 'dbo.APM_CurrentComponentStatus' is specified more than once.

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          Hello jspanitz,

          Please try to run Configuration Wizard again. If it doesn't help run the following script on your database and then re-run Configuration Wizard.


              ALTER FUNCTION [dbo].[GetApmDbVersion]()
                  RETURNS int
                  AS BEGIN
                      RETURN 8

          If it doesn't help please open support ticket, so we can communicate with you directly. We are working on fix now.


          Thank you,

          Lukas Belza (SolarWinds development)

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              We ran the script and all it reported back was "Command(s) completed successfully.".  We've tried running the Config Wizard multiple times.

              We are on the phone with supprt right now and so far they:
              A - dropped the ErrorCode column
              B - dropped the entire APM_CurrentCompenentStatus table

              So not only have we lost data, as of now, they reran the config wizard after the drops and we've been sitting here waiting for it to complete for over 40 minutes.  There is clearly no activity on the server and no SQL activity either, but they are insisting we wait as it can take time.

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              Don't know if this applies to your case, but it may help:

              APM 4.2 AG

              "If you have both NPM and APM installed, upgrade NPM on all Orion servers first,  followed by the pollers. Once that is complete, you can successfully upgrade  APM. Failure to upgrade in the correct order will result in the Configuration  Wizard generating a Database Configuration Failure error."