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    Reports function correctly in Orion Report Writer Preview, but not through Web Interface


      From the Report Writer preview, the report is fully populated and correctly displayed. While looking at the same report through the web interface the report has only column headers and below it says "No activity to report."

      Using the standard Report Writer wizard it seems that the inclusion of "time of day" filters has caused an error whereby only the report writer is able to return the data properly.

      EDIT: Upon experimenting allowing the filter "Time Of Day _ is less than or equal to _ 17:00:00" on it's own works just fine. After disabeling that filter and allowing only the "Time of Day _ is greater than or equal to _ 08:00:00" it spits out the same "No Activity to report" nonsense - despite the report writer preview working just fine.

      Is this a problem with Orion or the Report Writer?