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    ipMonitor 10.5 RC general discussion and wishlist


      I'd like to start by saying that the 10.5 RC seems to offer much more granular control, which is very nice.


      Being an RC, we know that it will still need some final polish, and gathering community data is a good way to make that happen!


      From my use of ipMonitor so far, it's been a pretty easy to use product, though I have run into some quirks... when adding monitors, it doesnt always set to collect data for stats, etc. The gui is more responsive, I think, than 10.


      What I'd like to see out of the 10.5 final most is a change to the 'last result' column on monitors (in this case bandwidth). There's so much data, the column stretches out! It would be nice to have a way to reduce whats shown there.


      And also, making bulk edits can be intimidating or confusing, especially if someone isn't used to the software. This is probably much more difficult to address, but I thought it might be noteworthy.


      Otherwise, I can't say I really have any complaints about the RC. I'd love to know what the developer team is baking into the final release!