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    APC PDU alerting


      I have a UDP that is collecting the current output from several APC PDUs.  I would like to create a map with all the PDUs so that they change color when one of the current outputs gets to high.  Is that possible?

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          I don't *believe* this is possible because UnDP only gathers data (which you alert/graph with).  It isn't considered an "object" that can be up/down/warning/critical and such.

          You could probably do some really crazy stuff via APM if you really had to show warning/critical levels, but its probably easier writing a little webpage that queries the Orion DB for the values.

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            I believe Andy is right on that one.  However, it shouldn't be too hard to create a report you could add to your main page (or elsewhere) that lists your APC units that have high current output.  Don't know if that would still get you what you want, but based on the general idea you threw out there I figured it would be worth mentioning.


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              I am sorry to hijack this post.


              just looking to do what you have done already. My Orion V10 doesn't show any info from APC only network interfaces.

              I was wondering if you can tell me what do i need to do in order to see APC info in Orion


              Thank you

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                  No worries.  Start with a universal device poller.  You can either download one from thwack or create one from scratch using  The data it returns is the current ouput but a tansform function is needed to get the results into Amps.  Take the data from the poller and divide by 10.  The results of the transform function can be put on a chart on the device's node page.  Both the poller and transform function are configured thru the universal device poller. 

                  Hope that helps!!