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    best way of adding newly active interfaces to an existing node



      Excuse this if it has been raised a thousand times before - I did have a look and could not see if covered off.

      Within NPM (v10) we are in the practice of adding nodes and interfaces that are "active". So far so good. At some later date lets say that we start making use of a interface that was previously not connected (so operationally down) - I would like NPM to spot this and add it to the polling cycle for that node. At the moment the way this is achieved is via the WEB GUI -> manage node -> select the node -> List Resources -> tick the interface we now wish to monitor.

      When you have a lot of devices on a big network this is a bit of a pain. Is there a way to do this from a CLI? Is there a way to simply schedule adding all active interfaces on a node? I want to get away from the mouse and click approach. I had hoped that the discovery process that seems to be running every 30 minutes would allow this. I really only need to check and add newly active interfaces once a day.

      And finally to spin this around - is the really simple solution to add all interfaces (regardless if they are operationally down) at point of adding the device. Fine for non-modular bit of kit, but does it place a load on the poller?

      On the whole I need this to apply to all physical interfaces, but also .1q etc. sub interfaces too.

      Thoughts/suggestions welcome!