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    RFE Multiple Config Block Violation Remediation


      I have a rule that verifies multiple interfaces are configured with particular features.  Here is a copy of this rule.

      Start Block:
      interface.*\n.*description DS[13]|interface.*\n.*description Link:|interface.*\n.*description Isolated|interface.*\n.*description Limited|interface.*\n.*description Printers|interface.*\n.*description Voice|interface.*\n.*description Computers|interface.*\n.*description Management|interface.*\n.*description Servers

      End Block:

      The rule produces the correct results as follows.


      I would like to be able to remediate all violations using a single script.  This would require the policy engine to recursivly execute the remediation script for each config block in violation and be able to use the "Start Line:" as a variable.  Example:
      conf t
        ip verify unicast reverse-path