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    Report for All Alarms (including actions taken) for the Last 24 hours


      Hello All -

      I was recently working with a customer to list out all alams and their actions taken on trigger and reset over the last 24 hours.  (We were trying to see if an email was sent at x time, as the recipient stated they never received it)

      I came up with this report which I wanted to share with the community.

      It performs a query of the Alert Log table in the database - and I included an inner join of the Alert Definitions table so I could pull in the Alert Name as opposed to the Alert Definition ID which doesn't help the every day customer.


      Simply create a new Report - Advanced SQL report - Name it, describe it, etc... and in the SQL tab - cut and paste the following.



      select a.LogDateTime, b.AlertName, a.ObjectName, a.ActionType, a.Message, from alertlog a inner join AlertDefinitions b on a.AlertDefID=b.AlertDefID where ( DateDiff(dd, LogDateTime, getDate()))<1 order by LogDateTime Desc


      Hope this helps,

      David Byrd