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    Archive Old Nodes


      I dont think there is an easy way of doing this, but it would be good to be able to Mark a node as Archived. 

      Basically, if there is a node that is not on the network any more (superseded, decommissioned, etc), and you want to remove it from your views (to clear up the clutter on the view) there is a problem. 

      If you delete the node, then you lose all of the history, but if you want to keep the information you can set them to Unmanaged, but it will still show on views. If there would be a way to "Archive" a node, so we can still access statistics, but isnt there in day to day usage of NPM. 

      The way that I can see that we can do this today is to set a Custom Property to a node to "Archive" for example. Then set account limitations to not show anything with archive in the Custom Property. Then have a Archive user that I can log in and view the archived nodes. The problem with this is that, as we have a couple of hundred user accounts and having to set these limitations would be long work! 


      Any thoughts from anyone else on this? (or is it just me?!) 

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          At my past job working for a managed service provider I can't tell you how many times we would recieve notice to remove a node from monitoring and then end up getting requests for historical data on it that I would be unable to provide.  We would sometimes unmanaged for a pre-determined time and then delete it.  I like the idea of this but not sure how it would look implemented but I too would be eager to hear if anyone else has this particular problem.