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    Group Tabular Universal Device Poller


      I strongly suspect this is going to turn into a feature request very quickly, because I've been searching, but been unable to find it.

      Is there such a thing as the Node Tabular Universal Device Poller, only for groups?  Specifically what I'd like to see is info on the DHCP scopes of my 140+ DHCP servers all in one resource, or at least all on one page.  I've figured out the very labor intensive, high maintenance, completely manual way to do it by manually inserting each DHCP Scope Tabular Universal Device Poller from each of my DHCP servers as a Custom Object Resource on a new DHCP Scopes view.  However, like I say, that's very labor intensive and high maintenance as things change.  I'd like to figure out the "make Orion do the heavy lifting for me" way.  Any thoughts?