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    NPM traps: additional actions - custom SQL, change custom property, HTTP GET/POST


      It would be useful if there were additional actions to do more cool stuf with SNMP traps. Currently, to update either the Orion or a different database, I either need to run a script with command line arguments or run curl.exe to get a remote web server to do the updating. I use traps & curl.exe to do various updates to other databases from Windows events sent to Orion as traps.

      The additional options I would find useful are:

      • Run a T-SQL script, with the option to pass barbinds from the trap. This should obviously be able to run any update/select query on the SolarWinds database, but also there should ideally also be an option to specify a specific server, username, password and database to connect to. This would allow updates to custom service desk databases, i.e. incidents could be created within bespoke or third-party systems as problems that need to be dealt with.
      • GET or POST an URL, passing varbinds. Mostly the same as what Advanced Alerts can do.  I need to get an URL when certain traps are retrieved, mainly getting RADIUS event logs from Windows servers and logging events from MS Mobile Device Manager to a different database so that I know the latest device IPs. This could also hook in to custom service desk software if they use a web-based API, or perhaps other monitoring systems. HTTP GET with varbinds is a little annoying because it can introduce some security problems unless the requests are verified beforehand. The ability to simply POST all varbinds would be useful.
      • Update a specified custom property for the node concerned (or a group? or all nodes with a different property?) with either a specific string or a varbind value. However, this would perhaps be less flexible than being able to run a T-SQL script.

      I'm sure there are perhaps other betters methods of doing things, but right now this is what would be very useful for me.