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    Configure Alert when someone Properly Shutdown windows machine


      Dear All,

      I am using NPM 10.0 to monitor my Windows Servers. I have configured different alerts like CPU usage , Memory Usage, Node UP/DOWN, Node reboot alerts and all are work fine. But the problem is this that NPM do not generate alert when someone intentionally properly shutdown the windows machine. So i want to configure a windows alerts that generate when someone Properly shutdowns the windows machine.

      I also find that NPM 10.0 do not have $NodeStatus == SHUTDOWN , it is only showing UP, DOWN, WARNING, UNKNOWN values.

      Can anyone please guide to configure that alert .


      Waqas Ahmed

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          It's doable, but would involve several steps, starting with telling the Windows server's SNMP service where to send traps, then using evntwin.exe on the servers to tell them to send event ID 1074 to Orion as traps. Orion can then be configured to run an action when receiving that trap, probably sending an instant email & then running a script to update the database with a custom property for that node, perhaps named "Manual_Shutdown_By", containing the name of the person who told it to shut it down. You can then use that custom property in an advanced alert in combination with the "Down" status" to alert when a server is down & who intentionally turned it off.

          You will also need to deal with event ID 1073 to change the custom property back to a null or an empty string. This event is "The attempt by user DOMAIN\USER to restart/shutdown computer BLAH failed"

          This is the way I'd do it - there may be other methods.

          FAO SolarWinds support: the trap actions needs an option to run an SQL query, rather than having to run an application with command line parameters to run an SQL script. Ideally it should also include the ability to utilise varbinds, preferably including the ability to specify the actual vbName rather than for example ${vbData8}. Another option would be to update a specific custom property for the node concerned. This would be awesome. Actually... I'll post this to the suggestions forum.