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    creating virtualization manager alert


      hi guys,

      need help to create a new alert...im not familiar with those query strings...

      is there any refferrence for this? orion/NPM alert is way more friendly and straight forward even for newbies..

      really appreciate to those who can help...

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          Hi there,


          what alert are you trying to create?





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              hi jon,

              currently i monitored 7 cluster and each is on a 7 different location/country. i would like to create alert for:

              1. alert which based/categorize on their location/cluster.


              if a VM123 is down/poweredOFF, an alert will trigger " a VM123 from HostA or ClusterA is down/poweredOFF" and this alert will then email to Support team A.

              the reason is, i need to aasign the support email address based the node location. currently i managed to create/modify an alert but i dont know how to categorize/filter by cluster/host


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                  Let's walk through it


                  One way to do this is to monitor the hearbeat on the VM that is communicated from VM tools to the host.  Note that VM tools must be installed on the guest to properly receive the hearbeat metric.


                  So we want to know if a VM has no heartbeat OR of the VM is powered off.  The query for that is 


                  (vm.heartbeat.latest:0 OR vm.powerstate:poweredOff)


                  Now we want to create an alert for each cluster, so that the alert can be emailed to the right recipient.  Let's walk through setting up the alert for ClusterA.  Now the query becomes


                  (vm.heartbeat.latest:0 OR vm.powerstate:poweredOff) AND vm.cluster.name:ClusterA


                  This will only return the VMs in cluster A that have no hearbeat or are PoweredOff.

                  Now we have the right query, we can click on "alert" to create an alert



                  This will take us to the alert configuration screen.  On the 1st tab, I should check evaluate on performance collection, since both Powerstate and Hearbeat are performance metrics so this alert will get computed every time performance data is collected (every 10 mins by default)


                  The criteria tab is next, and that looks fine since we want this alert to fire if any VMs are returned by our search.

                  On the notifications tab, you have the option to define the properties that show up when an alert fires - I want the Power State of the VM and the heartbeat value (which is a %) to show up.  You can also see that this tab is where the Email address is defined that you want the alert sent to.