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    groups and account limitations


      I created a user account and applied two account limitations to it. The first is to limit them to a single Region, the second to a Single Group. I found that if I point the Region to East for instance and then I point the single group to the same East region (created dynamically using the custom property for region), then I see the sa,e list of nodes on both the home page nodes tree and the Groups lnk in the menu bar.

      However, if I change the single group to another region, that group appears as gray and empty on the Groups link.

      Is that normal functionality? I thought the groups functionality worked independently of the custom properties, thus allowing me to limit a node tree in a different way than a group for a user.

      Please explain. Thanks.

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          Hi Patriot,

          You were right with your explanation.Groups and limitation is one area which we have jotted down for an enhancement.

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              So, just to restate... say I create a Yes/No node property named "Houston" and set a list of ten nodes to True. I also create an account limitation by the same name.

              Then, I dynamically create a Group named Houston using the custom property in the query.

              If I understand correctly, it is normal functionality, for now, that if I add the account limitation of Houston and the account limitation of a Single Group = Houston, that the Node tree and the Group Summary page will both show only nodes that are in Houston and the Houston group. Right?

              In the future, we hope to be able to have the node limitation and the Group limitation act independently of each other.

              Have I got that all right?