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    Help creating new report


      Hi,  I have a need for a really simple report.  I don't do Visual Basic but can probably adapt an existing script, so was wondering if anyone could suggest a starting point?

      All I want to do is issue one command:  "show configuration status" then either stick the result (a text string) in a report table or ideally inspect the result so I can produce a list of the devices which return "Running configuration has been changed and needs to be saved." as opposed to "Running configuration is same as the startup configuration.".  A third option suggested itself to me which was to issue the command and look for the "Running configuration is same as the startup configuration." response with a short timeout, so if it isn't seen, the devices which need their config saving are reported as errors.

      You can probably see what I am trying to do.  The Compare Run/Start report is not supported on HP but it does have this rather nifty command which would replace it.