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    orion on windows 2008 server - too slow for words ?



      Hi forum,


      I am tearing my hair out trying to get Orion 10.1.3 working on windows 2008 R2 64bit.  This is what I have done


      1.       Base build 2 windows  servers to windows 2008 server standard 64-bit

      2.       Install al windows updates

      3.       Install SQL server 2008 64bit onto one server SERVER2

      4.       Download and install Orion 10.1.3 onto SERVER 1

      5.       Download and install APM 4.x onto SERVER 1

      6.       Reboot server

      7.       Load web interface very slow to load, but worked in the end(

      8.       Added 8 local nodes to the monitoring

      9.       Servers shutdown or rack move over night

      10.   Server brought back up next day

      11.   Now website even more unresponsive…  but it is working


      For a while,t he website would not work at all today, so I just re-ran the config wizard to see if it would help, and it seems to


      System manager runs up fine

      CPYU and RAM usage on the 2 servers is around 5%


      Both servers are physical quad core G5 Proliant servers


      Any help that you might have to get this thing moving at a pace other than SNAIL PACE would be awesome