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    Report Scheduler Undp charts via PDF


      I'm trying to build a job in the Report Scheduler that pulls 8 undp charts from 4 different devices and emails me a PDF of each chart. I would like to contain all the charts into one scheduled job for convenience sake (multiple emails is acceptable) but I'm running into difficulty when in comes to identifying which chart belongs to which device once the charts are emailed. The charts do contain the name of the UnDp and the selected time period, but they fail to mention what device the chart is for.

      I have tried using variables in thte email 'subject' as each PDF file gets sent individually but it doesn't recognise the string.

      At the moment I have to create 4 seperate jobs, one for each device and run them with the hostname in the email subject field. This isn't the biggest pain really but for many reasons wouldn't it make more sense to have the hostname on the chart you are looking at, specially if you are archiving the charts off some where for use at a later date?

       If anyone has any better suggestions I would be eager to hear them.