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    Add IP address property to Node interfaces


      When I discover Nodes that have multiple NIC interfaces (be it a server or SAN array, etc), I have two options currently:


      1) Detect each interface/IP as a separate Node. This is frustrating since everything about the nodes is the same except the interface data (errors, bandwidth, etc). So for a SAN with 8 NICs I'd have to have 8 nodes and have duplicates of all the SAN data (once for each interface node).

      2) Discover only the primary interface/IP. This will gather all the node data and then list each interface on that node as a separate interface. This is generally a great option. However if you look at the properties of each interface you cannot see the IP address that it has. Perhaps this is not available via SNMP, I'm not sure. But it's certainly available on servers and SANs so it has to be somewhere. Knowing the IP of each interface is really helpful for reports, alerts, etc.

      Right now the only option I see is to add a custom IP address property to the interface object and for each interface type it in. Very cumbersome and not helpful across all customers.

      It already pulls the MAC address and other data, please have it pull the IP address.

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          Not sure where to look on your SAN but I have used UnDP to find the IP address listings of say a Cisco switch or router.  I would assume this is probably available somewhere in the SNMP queries of the device.

          This is by no means a replacement for Solarwinds to poll multiple IP addresses a feature that has been requested numerous times by several customers.

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            I'm with you on this one.


            OpenNMS does this. When it does a discovery by SNMP it groups all the IPs it finds on a node under the same device because it's smart enough to know that it's one device with many IPs.

            When free tools do what commercial products can't I get frustrated and have a hard time justifying yearly maintenance and expenses.