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    SNMPv3 conversion, now no CPU/mem or UnDP


      When converting a Cisco 2821 router to SNMPv2c to SNMPv3 I seem to have lost CPU and Memory monitoring and all of my UnDPs broke (we are monitoring for fan state, ps state, temp). I cannot seem to figure out why. Here is my config:

      access-list 61 permit host
      snmp-server view OrionNPMView mib-2 included
      snmp-server group OrionNPMGroup v3 priv read OrionNPMView write OrionNPMView access 61
      snmp-server user OrionNPM OrionNPMGroup v3 auth sha myuserpassword priv aes 128 myencpassphrase
      snmp-server host version 3 priv OrionNPM

      Is my view written correctly? My intention was to give access to pretty much anything. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.