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    Multilink Bundle Membership


      I just finished working a problem where I had a circuit that was showing as UP/UP but was showing as inactive for my Multilink Bundle.  Orion, as much as I love it, didn't notify me of any problems cause the circuit was in an UP/UP state.

      The root cause of the problem was due to a recent hostname change that caused the circuit to fail authentication with the ISP, as the other circuit in the bundle was using the old hostname.

      I have come up with a config change that should stop this from happening again.  I will be putting this change into effect on my routers soon, but as I have over 700 it will take me a little time.  My concern is that I have other sites that are having the same problem now and am looking for a way to use Solarwinds to help me find them.

      In a perfect world someone will be able to point me to an SNMP OID for Cisco that will allow me to querry the state of the members in a Multilink bundle, but short of that, does anyone have any ideas on how I can monitor for this?

      All sites are using 2800 series Cisco routers.