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    Map Layer 2 Switch


      We are trying to use LanSurveyor to create a diagram of our email subnet. The basic network design is like this:

      server ---> Layer 2 Catalyst 6509 ---> Layer 3 Catalyst 6509

      When we do the discovery of the subnet with LanSurveyor it maps the server itself and it maps the Layer 3 switch where the routing and it's default gateway reside but it never shows the Layer 2 switch in the middle. The Layer 2 switch has no IP address on this subnet - in fact the only IP address it has is for the mgmt console which is a different subnet entirely.

      Does anyone know if LanSurveyor can be configured to discover the intermediate L2 switch? I can't think of a way since it is really transparent to the traffic flow. Or perhaps is there any other tool in the Engineers toolkit that might provide this level of discovery? We want to create a diagram that shows every device that traffic flows through from the mail server and would rather not do it manually.


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          I'd recommend using Network Atlas to build that map.  If you're monitoring all devices with Orion NPM, Network Atlas will automatically have them in it.  Just build a new map and drag & drop your devices into it.  It won't matter that they're not L3 connected.

          Then draw in the connections and you'll be set.

          Remember that when you export the map to share with others, you must share out both the html AND the .jpeg, and they both must be stored in the same folder for the html to work properly.

          Good networking!