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    Account Limitations Based on Groups


      I would really love to see the ability to control Account Limitations with Groups.

      Here is how I would expect this to function...

      I want to be able to add objects to groups, both manually and dynamically such as Nodes, Interfaces, Volumes, Applications, and Application Components.  I then want to be able to add an account limitation based of that group.  When I do this I would expect that the account can only see the objects in that group.

      If I have an interface in the group,  expect that the account will be able to view the details of that interface but not necessarily the node that it is attached to; hence I don't want inherited permissions.  I would like the option to grant inherited permissions but I don't want it forced.

      I am pretty sure that this feature had already been requested but I couldn't find that thread and I wanted to provide feedback on the details of how I would like to see this work; apologies for any duplication.