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    Feedback on Wireless Access Point 420 support in NPM 10.2 beta and network topology...


      I've been running the beta now for a day now to see if it wokrs in our network.

      So far I have found this...

      I can't see any difference at all in the support for AP-420 compared to NPM 10.1.3.
      No extra info or connected devices are shown...
      I checked the Firmware on our AP's and at least some of them have the latest firmware (2.2.5).

      I have also checked the Connect now and Network topology on our HP Procurve network.
      It connect switches and ports in a way I can't find any sense in.
      Some core switches don't have any connections at all and some Edge switches are connected to eachother via the Loopback port.

      Do the network topology need a lot of time to discover the connections?
      It seems like NPM 10.1.3 does this better but it has been running for some years now...