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    SolarWinds Orion SCOM Connector isn't being created


      I currently have NPM installed in our PROD environment and it works great.  I also have SCOM 2007 R2 in our PROD environment and it works great.  In PROD SCOM I imported the 2 SolarWinds MP's (SW Orion Lib & SW Orion NetFlow Lib) and per usual (this isn't my first rodeo) it created the 3rd automatically (SW Orion SCOM Url Lib).  I ran the Orion MP Configuration utility and everything works great in PROD.  The Internal Connector created itself and we're off...

      In STAGING, I have a slightly different story.  To my knowledge, all my permissions are the same as STAGING is in the same domain.  However, when I import the 2 SolarWinds MP's, they import just fine, and the SW Orion NetFlow Lib is created, however the Internal SCOM connector known as the SolarWinds Orion SCOM Connector is never created.  I've checked all Event Logs there are only informational events - no warnings or errors.  Even 24+ hours after running the Orion MP Configuration utility, I still have no Connector and no data in my STAGING environment.  

      Please help!!!