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    Help with alert based on a snmp trap


      I am trying to setup a trap to just capture this 1 event and I am not having any luck so far with filtering for 1 condition.

      I am trying to alert off of the trap below

      07/26/2011 21:05 : I3IC-MIB:i3IcTraps.0.5 SNMP Trap
      Received Time:7/26/2011 9:05:34 PM

      Variable Bindings
      sysUpTime:= 5 minutes 41.72 seconds (34172)
      snmpTrapOID:= (
      i3IcTrapErrorEventLogSubsys:= SwitchoverService
      i3IcTrapErrorEventLogMsgID:= 11515
      i3IcTrapErrorEventLogMsg:= Switch initiated If additional information is available, it can be found at
      experimental.1057.1:= X.X.X>X

      snmpTrapEnterprise:= I3IC-MIB:i3IcTraps (


      This trap and alert is to notify when our VOIP phone system has failed over to the secondary server.

      I have gone in the trap rulesand tried setting up the conditions to only alert on this but I keep getting any trap emailed out that meets this trap condition I3IC-MIB:i3IcTraps.0.5

      I have tried adding another condition with an AND statement but I then get no email alerts when that is running.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          What other items have you tried, have you tried something like trapvarbind = blah

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              No I have not tried doing any other things for this trap.

              I did notice when doing a mib walk that this is coming up unsupported so I think maybe that is the problem allthough it does give me all the trap details of what is in the trap. Is there a way to alert off of the trap details? I have not been able to just  set a condition of contains 11515 and then alert from that condition.

              I was hoping that either someone on here or Solarwinds can help me out on this one, since for our phone guy this is a huge issue in monitoring our I3 CIC phone system with Solarwinds.

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                  I'm not sure which version of NPM this came with but we're able to send an alert based off of trap details.  We're running NPM 10.1.2.  If you don't have it in your version then I would suggest upgrading since it would give you what you need.  You would be able to send an alert by looking for SwitchoverService in the trap details.