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    Switch Port Mapper - issues with newest 10.7 ver


      Has anyone else noticed that the "Last Status Change" field seems to have gone whacko in 10.7?  The classic mapper in 10.6 would always spit back the last reboot date of the switch on all ports that have been completely dead with no activity.  This made it very obvious which ports I could pull patches out of.  Now with the new style mapper I get the current date and time on all ports that have never had activity.  I can still figure out which ones are my true free ports by looking for down ports with the current time as last status change, but this confusing.  This is happening on 3560/3750 switches with various IOS's.

      One other anomaly: the "Make Global Default" button under settings doesn't stick when I relaunch the standalone mapper.  I have to redo the columns I want displayed every time I launch the mapper.  If I run workspace studio and then mapper within that (which takes longer to launch, don't like it), the settings are remembered.

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          thank you for pointing this out. We have submitted an internal ticket about the "Make Global Default" button.

          As for the "Last Status Change", the classic tool shows Last Reboot Time as the Last Status Change value for the ports that do not have any activity. With the new Switch Port Mapper, there are columns named "Last Receive Time" and "Last Send Time".

          The classic Switch Port Mapper you know from 10.6 is still included with 10.7. You can find the executable in the installation directory named as deprecated_switchportmapper.exe. However, as it does not contain any latest fixes, I would not recommend to use it (additionaly, it is not supported).