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    Tracking and managing network Rogue devices


      Just wondering if anyone currently using LanSurveyor as a tool to track rogue devices connected to their network? What I mean by Rogue devices is for example you don't want a non-company asset to be connected onto your network.

      It would appear that devices discovered by LanSurveyor that is not already in the map will appear in the Threat list. The notion that this is on the "threat" list implies that the device is unknown. What I don't understand about this is when a device is on the threat list why does it automatically add it to the map? This behavior is undesirable in my business because I only want the legit devices to be in the mappings and not the occasional visitor plugging their laptop to the network.

      It would be desirable if there is an option that allows me to review the threat list and only add the devices to the map that are legit. And those devices plugged into the network temporarily be deleted from the threat list once I have reviewed who/where/what the device(s) and delete it from the list in addition do not add to the maps. This would also mean that I don't have to go through the maps and delete the devices that should not belong in there.

      I have been advised by support that I should save a map with all the legit devices and do not save over it when a device is added and reuse the same map. But what I also find is that my map grows as my business grows. Better if I only add the devices that should be there.

      Just wondering how other organizations are dealing with this and managing detection of rogue devices?