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    Hardware recommendations for IPAM?


      So here's the situation. I have about 500 subnets, some of them are /16, and about 10,000 addresses. As I continue to add subnets and discover new addresses, the response time for displaying subnets keeps getting longer and doesn't seem to always load correctly. For example, I click on a /27 subnet and it'll load for about two minutes and then say no IP addresses have been added. Or sometimes if I click from one subnet to another, it'll load for a few minutes, but never update the screen(the old subnet addresses are still there). 

      I am assuming that because of the volume my hardware may be a bottleneck. Currently it's running on a virtual machine; 4 xeon processors, 4 gigs of ram, server 03. I can create a new vm no problem, but with our current amount of subnets and the possibility that there will be more, what would be a good amount of resources to give it?

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          The IPAM administrator guide (Chapter 2) has the specs for different size deployments.

          I would certainly increase the memory on your box, but I wouldn't say your specs are that far off. Are you sure you are only monitoring about 10,000 addresses? A single /16 has way more addresses than this and if you are scanning multiple /16s, that can certainly cause a bottlekneck. How does your CPU and Memory utilization look on the box? You can enable SNMP on the server and add it as a node in IPAM to track this. Also, I would check your disk I/O metrics and relevant VM metrics (CPU wait time, etc.).

          In general though, it would probably be best to open a support case. This is not expected behavior and we have tested with well north of 500,000 IPs.