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    Profiler - Virtualization - data collection error


      I have upgraded my VC to 4.1, and have added ESXi 4.1 clusters to my environment.  The plan is to upgrade the existing clusters ESX 3.5 to 4.1u1.  I was having trouble bringing data into Profiler for the 4.1 ESX boxes.  I tried to remove/replace the vitualization monitoring in Profiler, to also include the use of a new account for collecting data on the VC.  But I goofed.  I now get no collection, with the error:

      Data Collection Issue : com.tektools.kernel.config.ConfigurationException: Configuration missing LogMaxBackupIndex option in `module.mod.sys.virtual.Virtual` category

      Thing is, I looked at that .xml file and the "LogMaxBackupIndex" seems to be there.

      Is there a step sheet of how I can remove/replaced virtualization monitoring in Profiler starting from a clean slate, in the event I screwed up somewhere else.  I am using Profiler 4.12.4