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    Orion NPM Feature Request


      Last week I discovered that the multi interface chart within a Group only works for device interfaces in a group.  For example, I have a Group set up with all the WAN interfaces for a single MPLS provider.  If I set up a multi interface chart with in that view, I can only manually select the interfaces.  I can't use the Choose Object function called "Automatically display interfaces related to the current view".  And further to that issue, once I've selected the interfaces manually for the Group view I'm in, that same chart and view shows up in all Group displays.  So if I had 10 different groups like this, as it currently stands, I would have to create 10 different multi interface charts and all 10 charts would show up in each view. 

      To that end I would suggest that an additional Group based multi interface chart be developed or a modification to the exisiting multi interface chart to allow it to work with in groups correctly